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Coach Christina founded Sierra Vista Elite Cheer in 2017 after moving to Sierra Vista from San Diego, CA. She has a long history in competitive cheerleading and is grateful to have the opportunity to bring her knowledge and experience to Sierra Vista and Prescott to create Sierra Vista Elite. Her coaching accomplishments include leading multiple teams to State, Regional, and National titles. Her experience ranges from sideline rec and school cheer, to allstar and competitive cheer. She loves coaching cheerleading and believes that "youth sports creates an essential foundation of hard-work, self-discipline, teamwork, and perseverance in athletes' lives." She believes in creating a safe, family-oriented gym environment that athletes can call "home" where kids create friendships and learn valuable lessons that last a lifetime all while working hard and doing what they love. You will always find her jumping and screaming at the front and center of the mat at every competition, she is her athletes' biggest fan. #BTEF


Coach Raul has been coaching tumbling since 2016, beginning at the local gymnastics gym and has been coaching cheer since 2017. He was on the Buena Varsity cheer team his sophomore and senior year of high school. Coach Raul most recently cheered and coached at Top Gun All Stars while he was away for college at Grand Canyon University. On top of cheer and school, he also worked for the United Spirit Association as a member of the Showtime Staff and camp staff. Some accomplishments in his experience as a competitive all star cheerleader include being a 7x National Champion, placing 6th with Top Gun at Worlds in 2019, having an undefeated season with Top Gun’s Open 4 team, and being a UCA All American Cheerleader. “Cheer is my passion and I hope to inspire the next generation of cheerleaders and help cheer grow in Sierra Vista and Prescott. I’m excited to be bringing my experiences as an athlete and coach to SVE and help the athletes grow and learn while helping them reach their full capabilities as athletes” 



Coach Biz is originally from Texas but has lived in Sierra Vista since 2012. She has several years of experience in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading. Coach Biz enjoys coaching and watching the kids learn and grow as athletes. She is a tumbling coach for the beginner and intermediate levels, she is the head coach for Team Queens at the Sierra Vista Elite One location and with her team, has won multiple National titles and a Grand National title.


Coach Keith is originally from Texas but has lived in Sierra Vista since 2012. He has over 16 years of coaching experience in various sports. Coach Keith enjoys coaching and creating a safe environment for SVE athletes. Coach Keith is the strength and conditioning coach, tumbling coach for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and is the business manager for SVE.


COACH jenn

Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became a coach at SVE cheer. I live in Sierra Vista, not born and raised. On the sports field was where I spent most of my days. Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool. Driving my kids to all their activities outside of the school. When along came Christina with something good. Started making talk about competition in my neighborhood. I got in one little comp and it didn't stop there. She said, "we're going to Vegas" and you got to straighten that girls hair! I loaded up Bertha with teammates and luggage, off we left feeling a little scared. But I thought "Nah, forget it, yo, homes to Vegas for cheer" I pulled up to the hotel about seven or eight. And I yelled to my daughter, "Yo homes, smell ya later" That year we didn't win, placed 7th and went home empty handed. Then along came this family we built, and look at how our tribe has expanded. I looked at the kingdom. We were finally there. Where we sit on our throne as the royalty of CHEER.
Coach Jenn has lived in Sierra Vista since 1999. Being a mom of 4 she has been involved in the sporting community in one capacity or another for over 15 years. She is an assistant coach for several SVE One teams as well as classes. Her favorite thing about coaching is watching the athletes become more confident, finding their potential and their importance to their team. 


COACH gabe

Coach Gabe has been involved with sports and the youth his whole life. Growing up in a rough environment and witnessing his peers go downhill, he always knew in the future he would would be involved helping the youth succeed. Whether it was coaching football, baseball, basketball or opening a boxing gym to help troubled teens, Coach Gabe has always given his life to whatever he is involved in. Looking for a new journey, he came across competitive cheerleading when his daughter joined. Realizing how hard the athletes work and the amount of physical training they go through, he immediately fell in love with the sport. Wanting to help in anyway, he started to research and find ways to make the athletes stronger physically and mentally. Within 2 years, he became a head coach for two teams with Sierra Vista Elite Prescott. Through long days at the gym and longer nights at home, he always makes sure he is giving his athletes the best tools for success. It's not about the banners, jackets, trophies or wins for him, but about progression, self esteem, team building, character building and creating a safe and positive environment athletes can call home


COACH krystal

Coach Krystal started her cheer journey back in 2004 where she cheered for her local high school, Blue Ridge High, located in Lakeside, AZ. After one season she decided she wanted to focus on school and ended up graduating early. Cheer has always been in her heart, so when her daughter was old enough, there was no question that she was going to put her in sideline cheer. Her daughter cheered from 2010-2018. In 2016 Coach Krystal was asked to be an assistant Coach for sideline cheer and after one season, she was offered the head coach position. After being involved in sideline cheer for 8 years, she was introduced to competitive cheer, where her love for cheer was taken into a whole new level. She loves watching her daughter and son progress in this amazing sport at the same time as helping so many more young athletes reach their goals.

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